Saturday, 26 January 2013

Word of the Week #2 Ocean

Hey everyone! Thanks again for visiting! For this post I decided to draw a creature from the depths of our oceans. :^)

I took out my sketchbook and started to design this man made monster with pencil first.

Soon after the first lines were together my brain started going after a mechanical almost sub-like vessel.

I really wanted capture the feel of the angler with this bold animated feel to it.

The digital process was very fun in for me because I liked the illustration so much!

Even with only the outline and minor shading completed, I really saw the fish come to life.

I chose orange for the base because it's such a vibrant color, and is also complementary to the blue ocean it resides in :^)

It's nice being able to zoom in and achieve whatever minor details you're looking for before completing any illustration.

I hope you liked this word of the week illustration, stay tuned for more posts !

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