Thursday, 14 February 2013

Word of the week # 4 Storm

Hey everyone, for this weeks word 'storm' I chose to a more abstract painterly style.

I started to sketch out my plans for this stormy scene and develop my ideas more .

Lightning is so amazing to see so I wanted to capture a bolt or two striking down on the skyline.

I didn't want to crowd the image because the focal point should be quite obvious after the concept is developed.

I took my idea and roughly sketched it digitally before I started going in depth.

I started to lay down the base colors and shading in a natural smooth stroke across the image.

The sky needed to contrast from the bolt itself , so I ended up coloring and shading around the rough area where I wanted to put the bolts in the sky.

I kept layering on colors to add depth and texture and started introducing oranges and took time to illustrate the sketchy jagged bolts.
I hope you enjoyed this word of the week! Stay tuned for more posts !

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